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It's hard to find enough nice ways to express what we feel about this wonderful young woman. She has been a delight from the time she was tiny! Not only is she lovely, she is beautiful inside, too.

Her natural mom died when she was just barely three years old. She was very accepting of her new mom. It is her nature to love others, as her life attests. She is every inch a lady...

But don't get that wrong -she is also a fierce competitor. She has never backed down to a challenge. She has participated in nearly every imaginable sport -including football. She has worked at developing her talents -and they are many. She's a great cook, she plays piano, loves music & dance, has prepared herself in several areas of professional fields. She's a delight to be around. She has a quick wit and good human insight.

She and her husband, Dan, are the parents of eight wonderful kids, Dennis, Dana, T.J., Jessica, Carli, Jameson, Aimee, & Emma Joy. Bottom line is that her kids are her life. She is a great mom. Her children love to have her as a coach of whatever they are playing because she knows what she's doing -and is a great, loving leader. It is a treat to be around her. We hope you get to meet her.

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