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As the eldest daughter, Teresa bore the burden of being the pacesetter, the role model... the baby-sitter!! Thank heaven she is an assertive, intelligent, dynamic person. Her twelve younger siblings needed that. We have always felt that Teresa was the standard-bearer for making the merger of two young families work. For that we are most grateful. Her status in the family is probably a big factor in her natural ability to lead.

She has always known which direction she wants to go -and isn't easily distracted. As a young woman she wanted to become a barrel racer. She bought her own horse and had it not been for an unfortunate accident to the horse, she probably would have succeeded. She has participated in most sports and is very competitive. As an adult she has done a lot of officiating. Amazing gal!!

She has a strength about her that is compelling. You can feel it when you are around her. As an operating technician of some 30+ years, she is in demand by doctors of all specialties because of her intelligence, knowledge, strength and, of course, her wonderful personality.

She loves adventure. A favorite activity is river-rafting in Wyoming. Golf has caught her attention -and the family is hard-pressed to keep up with her.

She and hubby, Jim (Strickland), have three grown daughters who are all married and live in Lehi, Utah. They recently finished a big, gorgeous home that they built themselves. Probably the greatest happiness in their lives is to have their children and grandchildren around them there.

She loves beautiful things and is partial to country décor, as her room at the Ranch represents. We always love to be around her. Perhaps you'd get a chance to meet her at the Ranch. We know you would love her as we do.

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