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We are both Idaho natives. Paul was raised in Rupert, and I lived in both Idaho Falls & Shelley as a kid. Both of us were widowed when we were young -leaving us with small families to raise. My uncle knew a wonderful young widower whom he just had to introduce to me. The rest is history. Not only did we start out with seven children (my three and his four), but we also added six of our own. At one time we had six little ones five and under in our home.

The greatest joy in our lives is our family. May Family Ranch was established as a gathering place for our now huge family. As friends and relatives visited, most would express a desire to return and bring their families. This gave birth to the idea of making the Ranch available to the public.

As the title of this article implies, we are not kids! Time is catching up to us. We are having so much fun with this wonderful project that it seems unreal that we are so old. Our hope is to live to see the Ranch fully developed as we have dreamed, and enjoy several more years with our family and guests.

Please drop by and let us get to know you. We love to share our place with others. You're always welcome.

Sincerely, Paul & Sharon May

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