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As the firstborn of her family, it was tough duty for Lynne when she lost her father, then later had to adjust to being third in line in a large, merged family. Like the other children, however, it was soon standard fare and she went on. She carried the name of her natural father, Robinson.

She was fun-loving and was loved by all who knew her. She had a grace about her despite her 6' stature. She loved music and was becoming quite an accomplished pianist when, at age fourteen, she lost most of the fingers of her left hand. It took a while for her to figure out how to play with what was left, but she did so.

Lynne had a deep love for beautiful things. Her room was always filled with plants and animals: She even raised butterflies there. It was the family joke that she had her own cemetery in the orchard (full of gerbils, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, etc.). She had promising artistic talent and loved to create things.

A strength was her compassion for others. She made a habit of paying special attention to each of her younger siblings -doing special things just for them.

After HS graduation, she worked at the Utah State Training School which was then a facility for disabled youth. She often brought individuals home with her, or took them places outside of the school. She loved her experience there and after a year decided to attend college to become an RN and make working with them a career.

Early in the morning of her third day at college, she was killed in a tragic auto accident. She was not quite nineteen. Her influence is still felt by those of us who knew and loved her. 'Lynne's room' at the ranch is reminiscent of the things she loved.

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