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It was such fun to welcome Katie into our family. We had had a long run of boys -and finally had a girl! It must be pointed out that she was the biggest baby the family had experienced -over ten pounds!! (She is now the tallest female in our clan, at 6'.)

Kate has a great personality. She is easy to love. People are drawn to her. As a tiny girl she loved to sing for people. She took dance lessons from the time she was in grade school and loved to perform. As she grew, so did her voice. In college she really worked at her music. She performed with two outstanding choirs. Her vocal coach was amazed at her voice -as we all are. He said she could sing for the Met if she desired. Nope!! Not for her.......

She is a people-lover. She worked at her family's facility for the elderly for several years. Those folks adored her. Children especially love her. Her nieces and nephews were often treated to a 'date' with Kate.

In college she began to study sign language seriously. She set aside other things and served a mission to the deaf for her church. Upon her return she resumed her sign education until a condition in her arms forced her to stop, much to her dismay. She graduated from BYU -where she met her sweetheart, John. They are the parents of five children: Josh, Anna, Elisa, Rebekah, & Sarah. They currently live in Utah where John is pursuing his doctorate degree. We're pleased they are close enough to see them occasionally. You can bet that if she's near, you'll see her at the Ranch!!!

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