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Yes, this family did have a 'baby' -and you're looking at her! The dubious distinction was a source of irritation to her for several years, but she wears it well now that she's grown.

We nearly lost her -in fact her mom spent six months in bed to assure that she lived. She has repaid that effort well. She is a bright, sensitive, wonderful young woman with a good head on her shoulders.

Jenn is a fierce competitor. She played basketball until she decided to join the drill team in high school. She's a very good skier. She plays the piano -enough for her own pleasure...

She is very spiritual and strong-willed. She can certainly hold her own in any situation. We have been pleased that she has good judgment and intuition. It will take her far.

Jenn also likes to write. Her forte is poetry. Occasionally she allows us to see a different side of her when she produces beautiful, sensitive writings.

After two years in college, she set all other things aside and served a mission for her church in Africa. Amazingly, that was where she had longed to be called. After her mission she moved to Virginia where she met & married her sweetheart, Tripp, who is an Air Force officer. They are the parents of two beautiful children, Lizzie and Alex.

Jenn has finished her bachelor's degree and is currently working toward her MA in Education. It's something she's a bit proud of.

They are in and out of our lives now. When they have a chance, they come to the Ranch to see us 'old folks.' Hopefully you can spot them sometime, too!

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Jenn & Tripp on the day their baby was blessed.

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