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Jeff is our oldest son -the experimental model. He is afraid of nothing and has accomplished about anything he has set out to do... probably the best of which was to marry the sweetheart of his youth, Lorie. They have four sons and a daughter -Jeffery, Brandon, Brad, Rob, and Shelly.

He has been the most aggressive of our sons in pursuing athletics. It was his lot to be the smallest of the boys, but that hasn't stopped him. The Scottish Highland Games have been his focus for several years. He participated in all of the events... stone throw, hammer toss, caber toss, sheaf toss, etc., for many years and did very well. He eventually convinced a brother, then another, then another to participate until he, three brothers and two of his sons -were regular participants. A few years ago he decided it was time to move up a notch, so he took the steps to become a nationally certified judge. If you are ever near where there is a Scottish Highland Game going on, do yourself a favor, and check to see if Jeff is there.

As a young man he was a great drummer, and loved to race motorcycles, but laid them aside for more serious things (thank heavens!). He has sung with the Min-Cassia area barbershop chorus, the 'Snake River Flats.' He loves all kinds of sports, is an avid skier and snow-enthusiast. He'll try anything...

He and Lorie are now grandparents to ten darling grandchildren. They have found a wonderful new love... and so goes life.

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