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This young man is the eldest of the 'second' family. Physically, he is one of the tallest @ 6'7". His height plus his personality has earned him the title of the gentle giant.

When he was only a few hours old he stopped breathing and turned dark. We thought there was something terribly wrong. The nurses had to keep flipping his feet to make him breathe!! After several years we finally decided it was just his nature -he is very laid back and easy going.

Grant is everyone's friend -and always has been. He loves to visit and be in the thick of things. He has a wonderful sense of humor -loves to get the best of others -and will try anything. He even tried playing sax -long enough for his folks to buy him one -then he abandoned it! One of our fondest memories of him was watching him clog. He's amazingly graceful and skilled at it.

After a stint at college, he served a mission for his church, then... like his brothers, he joined the army. Unlike the others he did not fully enjoy his time in Germany. He was alone -and a family-lover. It was a relief to him and to the family when he returned to the states, and finally to home. From there he went to college, met his darling wife, Willow -and they are now the parents of five wonderful kids: Ashly, Todd, Devon & Andrew (twins), and Miles.

Grant is a wonderful, loyal friend to many, many people. He's spiritual and strong. We all love to have him around. Hopefully he'll drop in while you are here.

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Grant Readies For The 'Sheaf Toss' ... An Event He Excels At
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