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This little gal got off to a rough start in life, but that has never slowed her down. She weighed 3 lb. 15 oz back when 'preemies' had a hard time making it. She was unaware of that, so she just hit the floor running. Her mother had been told that if she carried through with her pregnancy she would probably forfeit her life. She chose to follow it through... and she did, indeed, forfeit her life. She died just a few short weeks after Claudia's birth.

She is the runt of the litter... at least we accuse her of being that. At 5'5" she is by far the shortest in the gang. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in ambition, and always has.

C.J. is like 'spit on a hot skittle.' She accomplishes in a day what many people can't accomplish in a week. She has multiple talents -the most notable of which is her handiwork. Many family members and friends have been fortunate enough to receive a handmade quilt or afghan from her.

She is a people-lover. She keeps abreast of what is happening in the family, in the community, and makes sure we are all aware. She is constantly doing sweet, thoughtful things for those around her. As a teen she had two friends who were deaf. She learned basic sign language from them. As an adult she has kept learning and is now quite conversant in ASL.

For some reason the 'family' bug bit her several years ago. She is constantly doing family research and encouraging or teaching others to do the same.

She met her sweetheart, David, at BYU. They have two darling daughters, Dione -who recently married- and Kendra. They love to hunt, fish and camp together. It has surprised our family that C.J. often gets her own deer and elk. Thank heavens she shares with her family! We hope you get to meet her!

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Meet The Mays
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