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As a little fellow, Cameron loved to explore the world. He declared that he wanted to be an archaeologist, but realized before he was very old that there aren’t very many of them—and they don’t make much money, so that ended that (though it is a hobby!)

Cameron is very even-tempered. He is a man of great stature in many ways (he’s 6’7" for beginners). He is brilliant and uses his mind in worthwhile ways. He is very well-liked by all who know him.

This fellow is multitalented. As did many of his siblings, he showed artistic talent in his youth. He is an amazing writer—and toyed with the idea of doing that for a living. Wrong again. Had it not have been for a bad experience in athletics, he had looked forward to playing at least college basketball, but that went by the wayside. In high school he participated in shot put and discus. Discus became his focus for a few years, including college. He has participated for many years in the Scottish Highland Games with three of his brothers. They're a force to be reckoned with.

He set all things aside for two years and served a mission for his church. In high school, he had dated a darling girl from a neighboring community who waited the two years for him. They were married—then he finished his education at BYU. They are the parents of three precious children, Bryson, MaKayla, and Stockton.

Professionally he has been involved in financial counseling/investments for two major companies. He’s not hard to miss. He’s the big guy with the perpetual smile.

Cameron Executing The 56 lb. Weight-For-Distance. A Difficult Event He Excels At. This Is One Of Seven Of The Events @ The Scottish Highland Games
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