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In this massive family, Andrew has the distinction of being the only dark-eyed, dark-haired child. As a small child he was very bashful—had a hard time facing a stranger—chose to look out of the corner of the eye. Of course that captivated the hearts of his family and others. He has maintained that image in our clan—sweet, quiet, and shy. (Yeah, right!!!)

This young man will tackle anything electrical or mechanical. He was the first to attempt mastering a computer—and not only accomplished that but can take them apart and build them. He has bailed many of us out of the dark. He has a natural ability to work on automobiles and has done so for himself and others over the years. His newest project is restoring a '63 Chevy Suburban.

As a youth he began learning guitar on his own and was soon adept at both the acoustic and electrical guitar. He belonged to a group for a while which was a source of satisfaction for him.

Andrew is very sensitive to others. He is kind and gentle. For several years he helped his parents take care of elderly folks in their business. He proved himself to be reliable and loving.

He and his wife Sharon are the proud parents of six children, Anthony, Josh, Christopher, Krystal, Joseph, & Brittany and three grandchildren. If you spot a tall, dark, handsome young man around the Ranch, it very well could be Andrew.

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