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Black bear are numerous in our area. Hunting is by permit in the wilderness area (Check with Fish & Game for regulations). In the spring, the sight of a family of black bear is awesome!! In the fall, we have been able to enjoy watching individual or bear families foraging for berries in the local canyons.


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For bird enthusiasts, there are several types here. Bird-watching never sounded intriguing to me... but it sure does now!! It isn't uncommon to see several magnificent bald eagles in the trees along the river, especially during the big fish runs. We watched with great fascination (and a spotting scope) as a pair of bald eagles methodically built this nest in a tree across a meadow from us. They sat in it until a young eaglet was born, then watched that little bird as it matured then flew from the nest. Since then they have returned each spring and raised two young in that nest. Eagles return to the same nest year after year. Chukers, wild turkeys, geese, and hawks are often seen, also.



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